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Blue House is a working Club where operators share Good Nutrition and encourage Healthy Active Lifestyle which makes Blue House very different from a restaurant. Operators become friends helping you purchase product for home at the best price, conducting wellness profiles, setting up meal plans, and keeping you full throughout the day which makes us very different than a restaurant. Together we create a social community around Healthy Active Lifestyle. 

FRIENDS HELPING FRIENDS! So we can always provide services free and keep servings at just above cost, we continue to finds ways to keep costs down in the club and on club servings. VENMO is one way we can save. VENMO... FRIENDS PAYING FRIENDS WITH NO FEES and fewer trips to the bank/ATM.

Load and open the app then under Menu item Search People find Dan searching for username @BHClub

To ORDER AHEAD, simply type desired shake order in the "What's it for?" note section when paying with Venmo. Can also add "in 10" for "be there in 10 minutes" so we do not get shake ready too soon. Orders are worked with members present in the club and in the order received.

Tips: Only use Venmo with people you know. Using a Debit Card or bank account as a payment method in Venmo, will NOT have a fee when paying friends. Venmo will tell you when linking a card if the card will have fees. If under 18, make sure you have permission to setup account.

Dan at Blue House username is @BHClub
Check out Dan's Venmo page now at this link

As a reminder
Standard Club Serving $7.50 with tax
Club Serving with Extra Tea $9 with tax
Club Serving with Extra Protein $9 with tax
Blue House Nutrition Club 
Operators, Dan & Orlyn Harrington
Have questions? Call - 850-366-2223

Open 7 to 5 Monday to Friday
8 to 3 Saturday
Available after hours by appointment 
for starting program and follow-up.

There are weekends we close for events and training.  
See you soon!

Our mission is to change lives.

Our goal is to provide Exceptional Wellness Coaching while teaching others to be  Exceptional Wellness Coaches with consistent and sustainable... 
  •  Nutrition Plan 
  •  Weight  Management 
  •  Athletic  Performance 
  •  Body Transformation 
  •  Targeted  Nutritional Needs and 
  •  Outer Body Nutritional Care. 
Coaching provides accountability and encouragement and begins with a Wellness Profile and setting a plan. 

Our group events include Body Transformation Challenge for weight loss and muscle definition, Weight Loss Challenge, Personal Growth, Fit Camp Work Outs that match at your current pace and grow with you. 

Club Serving $7.50