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So you received an invitation. If you are local to the club location, we encourage you to come and enjoy. For those who may not be local to the club, please give us a call so we can get you the information you need again with no cost or obligation.
Blue House Nutrition Club 
Operators, Dan, Orlyn, and Leeman Harrington
Have questions? Call - 850-277-2223
New Location is just in the next building
Lynn Haven, FL 32444
1800 S Hwy 77 Suite 100, Lynn Haven, FL

Open 7 to 3 Monday to Friday
8 to 3 Saturday
Available after hours by appointment 
for starting program and follow-up.

There are weekends we close for events and training.  
See you soon!

Hello Herbalife Members, Club Members, Distributors, past and present,

Orlyn and I continue to share Herbalife product in the communities we can reach. We continue because helping people get healthier and happier is a big part of who we are.  Recently we have expanded our mission of making the world healthier and happier with what we call "We Gotta Believe".  Believing in Herbalife product creates a consistency in living healthier and good health increases happiness. Yet it is not all there is to happiness. What can bring lasting happiness is not often in our daily conversations and social media. We would like to invite everyone, whether still into Herbalife product or not, to @WeGottaBelieve and

What we believe makes all the difference. We are eternal beings, which is seldom discussed yet what we believe about our next journey in eternity matters most. We Gotta Believe is an invitation to explore what there is to believe and why is it so necessary in life. As with our Herbalife mission, We Gotta Believe is more about sharing rather than seeing how many we can sell or convert to our way of thinking. We truly appreciate everyone whether participating in all we continue to share or not. You matter to us. If you believe in the Herbalife product, Herbalife mission, We Gotta Believe, or all of the above; we encourage you to participate and take action on those you believe in. Taking action makes a difference in your life but also your actions share in a real way with others.

Thank you for allowing us to share with you.

Dan and Orlyn

Where to find us which also appears as and has links to all our email, websites, and social media.

Our mission is to change lives.

VisitWe Gotta Believe

Our goal is to provide Exceptional Wellness Coaching while teaching others to be  Exceptional Wellness Coaches with consistent and sustainable... 
  •  Nutrition Plan 
  •  Weight  Management 
  •  Athletic  Performance 
  •  Body Transformation 
  •  Targeted  Nutritional Needs and 
  •  Outer Body Nutritional Care. 
Coaching provides accountability and  encouragement and begins with a Wellness Profile and  setting a plan. 

Our group events include Body Transformation Challenge for weight loss and muscle definition, Weight Loss Challenge, Personal Growth, Fit Camp Work Outs that match at your current pace and grow with you.